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Building Repairs

Marietta GA Foundation Repair CompanyWith building prices skyrocketing in and around Atlanta, many small business owners seek out older buildings or even older homes from which to run their business. This is often a great way to limit congestion in travel, while also giving your patrons private parking spaces and a more personalized setting. Yes, the idea of running your own business out of a small building may seem ideal, but it is incredibly important that you take all aspects of building ownership into consideration before opening a business from an older home or office building.

Making sure your clients and customers are safe is your first order of business when it comes to running a business out of a small building. It is important to create an atmosphere that is welcoming as soon as your customers walk through the door. If you have windows or doors that jam, buckling floors, a leaning chimney, or cracks in your walls or ceilings, your customers may get an uncomfortable feeling about putting their trust in your business services.
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Concrete Repair in Winter

Driveways, retaining walls, patios, front steps – if these are formed out of concrete, they will inevitably need to be repaired at some point. However, what if that “some point” occurs during the dead of winter? Concrete is a fickle material in extremely cold temperatures because of how quickly it dries and sets, and how easily it can crack before it has time to set. If you need to have concrete repair work done during winter, it is vital that you contact an expert source for the job.

A common cause of concrete damage is due to a sinking or unstable foundation. Poor installation of the initial construction of a home, driveway, or retaining wall will not allow for the natural settling of the foundation and will lead to unnecessary damage. At Anglin’s Foundation & Masonry Repairs, we offer expert assistance in determining the cause of your concrete issues and repair options.
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DIY Home Inspection

image025As the year draws to a close, there is no better time than to do a thorough DIY inspection of your home. As your largest investment, it is imperative that you take the necessary means to make sure that your home is doing well and holding up properly. However, as important an investment as your home is, its health is often not given a moment’s thought until one of two things occurs: 1) you plan on moving and need to put it on the market, or 2) something goes wrong. Waiting until the last minute to take care of your home often leaves you with a severe and expensive issue to deal with. While nothing beats a professional inspection of your home, doing a DIY examination of your property can help you catch issues before they become major problems.
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How to Choose The Best Foundation Company

DSC_0087When it comes to needing to have repairs done on the foundation of your home, it is imperative that you hire a reputable professional company that is highly qualified. Below are helpful suggestions of what to look for and what to avoid when hiring foundation contractors.

What to look for:

Great Recommendations – the best place to start is by asking your relatives and friends who they would recommend. If they were happy with the results a company offered, this is a name to put on your list of contractors to contact.

Use Online Reviews – Online reviews such as Angie’s List, Kudzu, Google+, and Yelp will often provide helpful reviews. If the company that you are interested in is not on one of these Online review sources, do not fret. That just means you will have to do a little more research on your own.
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Trees and Your Foundation

DSC_0087Property lots and landscaping are often huge draws to home buyers and those who want to begin the process of building a home. Huge oak trees, decorative Japanese maples, blooming cherry trees, and the magnificent dogwoods are well known throughout Georgia as trees that bring great beauty to any landscape. However, whether you are buying an older home nestled among 100-year-old oaks or building a new home and installing your own landscaping, trees should be taken into consideration regarding the integrity of your home’s foundation.

When planting trees near a home, there are benefits that trees bring to your property. Trees provide soil stabilization by helping to prevent erosion, especially on sloped areas of a property. Trees also help to control water drainage because they soak up extra moisture. These are two benefits of trees being planted within a relatively close distance of your home or on your property, however the placement of these trees is incredibly important due to the extensive damage that they can cause.
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Leaning Chimneys Should Not Be Ignored

ca2It is not uncommon for home buyers to overlook signs of wear and tear, cosmetic changes, and landscaping issues. In fact, many people specifically hunt these homes out in order to put their own spin on them. However, one sign that should never be ignored is a leaning chimney.

A leaning chimney is a huge indicator that there is a foundational issue with the home’s structure. Home builders now know that a chimney needs its own foundation footing in order to support its enormous weight. However, 60, 85, 100 years ago, it was very common for a chimney to simply be attached to a home and left to support itself or use the support of the house. Because a house is never meant to support an excessive amount of weight, the house will begin to give over time. A leaning chimney will lean in any direction. It can lean out, pulling away from the house; it can lean to either side; or it can begin to lean in toward the home with the risk of falling on top of the roof. All of these scenarios have the possibility for falling and life-threatening results.
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Foundation Underpinning


Foundation underpinning is the process of strengthening the foundation of an existing building or other structure. Anglin’s Foundation & Masonry Repair is the name that residents of Atlanta have trusted for over 85 years with all of their foundational issues.

When structures are built, the soil must be thoroughly inspected and assessed to ensure that it will be stable enough to support the weight. Georgia’s infamous red clay has proven troublesome for centuries when it comes to providing stable soil conditions. Foundation underpinning is often necessary for several reasons:

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Retaining Walls and Your Home’s Foundation

stoopbRetaining walls are structural barriers that prevent soil from shifting between two separate elevations. As with all states, Georgia has its own concrete and masonry foundation walls standards that must meet specific codes. Retaining walls are necessary to prevent soil from shifting at or near a home’s foundation in order to prevent a compromised foundational structure.

Georgia is well-known for its Georgia red clay. Georgia’s soil is often considered very difficult to work with because of how the clay so easily shifts with changes in the weather. Home foundations in and around Atlanta are very susceptible to problems with settling, sinking, and becoming un-level. Clay soil expands and contracts significantly more than looser soils because of how “tight” the clay’s composition is. Additionally, clay soils are poor acquifers, which means that water does not easily soak through the soil. Homes that are constructed on sloping or uneven terrain require the construction of a retaining wall. A retaining wall is designed to hold soil in place against a home’s foundation so that it does not shift and compromise the home’s stability and integrity.

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Crawl Space Issues

familyIf you have a home that is built upon a crawl space, there are certain issues that are specific to your home’s foundation. Sagging floors, uneven floors, and even dishes rattling in the cabinets can all indicate that your crawl space is experiencing issues that need to be addressed sooner rather than later. Leveling and strengthening the support can be accomplished through knowledgeable and experienced foundations experts. At Anglin’s Foundation & Masonry Repairs, we provide exceptional repair to all of your crawl space issues. We understand that correcting those issues are essential to having a safe and stable home.

Here in Georgia, one of the first things that must be addressed is the soil condition for which the home is set upon. Georgia’s famous red clay is often problematic for the foundations of homes – both new and old – and this clay must be evaluated to make sure that it is suitable for holding a home’s weight without constantly shifting. Anglin’s Foundation & Masonry Repairs understands that clay soil reacts to the amount of water in the soil, and it will expand and contract significantly more than looser soils with a high organic composition. Dynamic soil movements can cause significant foundation problems to a home, and Anglin’s Foundation & Masonry Repairs has the ability to evaluate your soil and correct issues pertaining to your foundation.

There are other times when soil composition is not an issue, but the structure of your home is. Most often, a structural issue with a home’s crawl space is due to floor joists not supporting the weight of the home correctly. Floor joists that are spaced too far apart will not properly support the home, causing floors to sag and the floors to eventually cave in. It is essential that homeowners recognize their home’s construction quality before they begin any major renovation. Adding new granite counter tops in the kitchen may be too much weight for the existing floor joists, causing damage to your crawl space and home’s integrity.

At Anglin’s Foundation & Masonry Repairs, we will thoroughly inspect your home to determine the cause of your crawl space issues. We are dedicated to working with you to create the best solution for your home. Our lifetime guarantee will ensure that you will receive the highest quality repair. Call us today.

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Front Porch and Stoop Problems

Sinking brick walk - After

Sinking brick walk – After

Your front porch makes a statement to everyone who visits your home. If your front porch is not saying what you wish it would about your home, it is time to call Anglin’s Foundation & Masonry Repairs.

There is a variety of issues that can occur to the front porch stairs and/or stoop of your home. If you notice cracks in the concrete, the stoop pulling away from your home, the stairs sinking or settling, or an unstable structure that is difficult to walk on, it is time to call in the foundational experts. Any and all of these problems pose not only danger to your family members but also to anyone who visits your home. These issues can also significantly lower the value of your home because any type of settling or cracking at the front stairs or stoop signify that your home’s foundation is failing. Other signs that you may have noticed but did not piece together with your front stairs or stoop that also indicate foundational problems include: wall cracks, floor cracks, sloped or uneven floors, windows or doors that stick, or cracks in your basement.

Most causes of front porch stair and stoop problems are a result of foundational issues of the home that are caused by soil movement below the home itself. If the foundation of your home settles, it will cause shifting in every aspect of your home. Because the front steps and stoop are generally built as an addition to the home, if the home’s foundation settles it will pull away from any “add on” structure. Foundation settlement is typically a result of changes in the moisture content of the soil, poorly compacted soil, sinkholes, or expandable clay (think Georgia Red Clay).

Anglin’s Foundation & Masonry Repairs offers exceptional front porch stair and stoop repair to homes and property here in Metro Atlanta. For repairs related to a settling foundation, foundation piers can be installed to support the foundation. These piers are installed deep beneath the ground until they reach stable soils, and they will lift the structure back to its original position. All solutions are based on specific issues and problems related to each individual home or property. Anglin’s Foundation & Masonry Repairs will keep your home safe by repairing your front porch stair and stoop problems. If you notice any settling or cracking in your home – your front porch, your garage, your basement, your interior walls – please contact Anglin’s Foundation & Masonry Repairs right away. The sooner your issues are addressed, the sooner your safety is reestablished and the less money you will spend repairing damage. Call us today.

Posted on behalf of John Anglin, Anglin’s Foundation & Masonry Repairs
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