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Deck Post Repair

Deck Post Repair Contractors in Marietta GADecks are often used as a great entertaining space for company and get-togethers. However, unlike a dining room or living room, a deck is an extension of the home that is subject to the whims of nature. Decks need to be built properly for load and local parameters to ensure a long and sturdy lifespan. Older decks were often not built with longevity in mind and homeowners are often faced with decks that begin to settle or pull away from the house. When the columns or deck supports sink into the ground the deck becomes out of level, unstable, and poses serious dangers to anyone who steps out onto it. At Anglin’s Foundation & Masonry Repairs, we offer superior deck post repair services for those who have decks that are leaning, pulling away from the house, or are out of level in any way.

Wood rot and wrongly sized components are the leading cause of deck post failures. Posts that are set in soil are subject to excessive water damage as well as the continued contraction and expansion of the soil. Tall decks, as well as lower decks, that have support issues due to post failures can lead to sudden collapse. With any failure of support, catastrophic results can occur; in many cases injuries and death are not uncommon.

If your deck is old or if you have begun to notice it being out of level or unstable, do not put off calling in the experts at Anglin’s Foundation & Masonry Repairs. We take pride in offering experienced and quality service to all of our clients. We promise what we do and do what we promise, and our promises have kept us in business since 1930.

Posted on behalf of John Anglin, Anglin’s Foundation & Masonry Repairs

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