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Home foundations in Atlanta are very susceptible to problems with settling, sinking and becoming unlevel. This is sometimes due to less than perfect home construction, structural foundation problems and from soil problems. A large number of Atlanta area homes are built on clay soil. As a building base clay soil is more problematic than soils with higher organic composition. In reaction to the amount of water in the soil clay expands and contracts significantly more than looser soils with high organic composition. Additionally, clay soils are poor acquifers which means that water does not easily soak through the soil. Home foundations built on clay soils can often be unequally raised or allowed to settle at different points. Dynamic soil movements and structural foundation design problems combine to cause unacceptable home foundation problems.

The photos on this page show some of the most telling signs of foundation repair problems. Large cracks indicating separating areas of brick or block walls, cracks in concrete basement walls or a cracks in slab foundations are all signs of problems. Because you may need structural foundation repair and cosmetic foundation repair services you need to hire a full service foundation and masonry repair contractor.

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Repairing home foundation problems requires the foundation repair contractor to inspect the property to determine the root cause of the problem. With the cause determined, the foundation repair expert can then determine the proper methods for correcting the problem. Many of our customers selected us because we have over 80 years of experience in diagnosing and repairing foundation problems, PLUS we are expert masons. Our craftsmen can not only repair your sinking, settling or unlevel foundation but we do expert brick and mortar repairpatch cracks in basement walls, brick walls, and slabs.

Our methods for doing home foundation repairs includes push resistant piers, slabjacking, helical piers, and custom solutions using our proprietary welded steel brackets. We are one of the top foundation repair contractors in Atlanta, Georgia. If you need a foundation repair contractor we encourage you to call us for a free inspection and quote to compare our foundation repair prices.

Concrete, Raising and Leveling

We proudly serve the following areas with affordable foundation repair services:

Home Foundation Repair Photos

A completed job requires 28 days for mortar to properly cure before cleaning and washing brick/mortar. The following foundation repair pictures of jobs completed may show bricks or walls that have not been cleaned. These pictures demonstrate our foundation and crack repair work, and not our cleaned or pressure washed work.

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