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Is It Your Window Or Foundation That Is Causing The Problems?

Atlanta GA Foundation Repair ContractorsSitting inside your house and enjoying the views to the outdoors offers such a feeling of rest and security. However, if your window is damaged, it can take away from that pleasant sitting and viewing experience. The way to know for sure if your window problem is related to your foundation is to call our masonry and foundation specialists at Anglin’s Foundation and Masonry Repairs.

There are a variety of window issues you may have.

  • You may no longer be able to open your window. It may be jammed or be stuck.
  • Your window may be cracked.
  • You window suddenly does not open smoothly anymore.
  • Your framing around your window becomes cracked, damaged or compromised in some way.
  • You may be getting some water leaking in through some of the cracks in the bay window area.

When your window begins to experience a problem, the tendency is to replace or repair the actual window. There are many DIY solutions to some of these issues. While the window may be the problem, it is also very likely that there is a foundation settling issue that is leading to your window problem.

We’ve been helping homeowners in Atlanta since 1930 repair their bay window structures, sagging window frames and jammed windows due to structural problems or settling.

If you’re experiencing problems with your window, you can count on Anglin’s Foundation and Masonry Repairs to get your repair done correctly the first time. Contact us today!

Posted on behalf of John Anglin, Anglin’s Foundation & Masonry Repairs
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