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Brick Masonry Repair

1afterBrick is one of the most favorable materials used for building homes because it is durable, beautiful, and there are many styles available for designing your personal style on the outside of your home. While brick is extremely durable, it is not invincible and it can succumb to environmental elements and foundational problems. Anglin’s Foundation and Masonry Repairs is proud to provide excellent brick masonry repairs as well as foundational repairs to homes and businesses in the Atlanta area.


When foundational issues arise with a home or business structure, the façade of the home must be addressed as well. In fact, many foundational issues will cause the façade of the structure to bow, crack, or for bricks to fall out of their places. Settling foundations can cause visible signs of damage to masonry walls as well as threaten the structural integrity of a home or business structure. It is essential that any issues with your home be addressed as soon as possible before irreparable or extremely expensive damage occurs. If there are any signs of cracking, bulging, bowing, or bricks falling away in your home’s outdoor walls, it is time to call Anglin’s Foundation & Masonry Repairs.

We have the expertise to correctly fix foundational issues, and we have the ability to patch an outside wall and complete any type of brick wall repair or stone wall repair. With over 85 years of experience and a phone number that has not changed in over 35 years, Anglin’s Foundation & Masonry Repairs is the name that you can trust. We firmly stand behind our repair work by offering a lifetime warranty. Your home is most likely the largest investment you will ever have, which is why we take your foundational and brick masonry repairs seriously. Unsightly cracks, missing bricks, missing stones, sinking or bulging walls negatively impact your home’s appearance, and they will have a negative impact on the value of your property. Contact Anglin’s Foundation & Masonry Repairs today and schedule a free inspection. We will come out and thoroughly inspect and assess your home or business’s foundation and masonry damage, and we will provide you with a free quote.

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Been there seen that done that

I vividly remember the gamut of emotions I felt when my mother passed – the sadness, the confusion and the anxiety. One Sunday after church services had ended, I approached the pastor and shook his hand. I spoke to him briefly about my mother’s passing, and explained how much her death had affected me. He listened intently for a few minutes, nodding as I formed words from, what was at the time, a jumbled ball of mixed thoughts and emotions. He politely let me finish, then replied with a single, cold sentence. The Pastor told me “Been there, seen that, done that.”

Looking back I realize that he was simply trying to make me feel better, trying to convey that he too had been in the same situation and could relate. He was telling me, in his own way, that he made it through his mother’s passing, and I would too. At the time, his words seemed callous. For quite a while, I quietly reflected on his words. They really didn’t make me feel better. In fact, they made me feel a little worse. I was confused by his statement. As I grew older, saw others pass and gained other experiences in life, I have gotten his message.

I’ve now been in the foundation, chimney and masonry repair business for nearly 50 years. People all over metro Atlanta that are in need of our services tell me how bad they feel. They tell me how confused they are over their settling foundation, or how their chimney is either leaning away from or over the house. They tell me about their sinking steps, stoop, porch, walls and how the concrete block foundation is collapsing. They passionately express their frustration at how shoddy the workmanship must be in their home!

I feel like telling them that I’ve “been there, seen that, done that” but I stop and explain that there is an answer. My method is to find a permanent, engineered solution to their structural defects. I offer them proven value, quality and workmanship – all at the very best price. While I’ve truly been there, seen that done that, I can confidently add that I’ve fixed that!

After 84 combined years of service in local metro Atlanta and the surrounding area, our commitment is to provide:

  1. A permanent solution to structural and masonry problems
  2. Provide the best in customer service and satisfaction
  3. A proven value. Quality at the very best price!

We’re not trying to be the biggest, but we can’t help it if it happens. Our goal is to be the best by exceeding your expectations.

Foundation Repair 101 – Common Causes of Foundation Failure

Several tell-tale warning signs of foundation failure present themselves during the various stages of your foundation’s demise. These include windows and doors not closing or opening correctly, and diagonal cracks forming at the corners of your home’s interior walls. Additional signs include visible cracks in the concrete foundation, warped floors, cracked bricks, and new separations around your garage doors, or home’s windows or doors. If your home is experiencing foundation failure, it is a good idea to brush up on some of the common causes of foundation failure so you can avoid the situation happening again after it has been properly prepared.

Top Five Reasons for Foundation Failure


When the weather in your area constantly fluctuates from extremely wet to extremely dry, or vice versa, the soil under your home can contract and expand in relation to these weather changes. The process of the soil underneath your foundation swelling and shrinking causes your foundation to elevate and settle. Therefore, the repeated effects of this generally call for immediate foundation repair services. The foundation repair company will then re-align your home’s foundation, and seal the cracks in your foundation, so that it is better equipped to handle these random changes to the soil beneath it.


Trees, outdoor decorative plants and other types of vegetation around the foundation of your home need large amounts of water to flourish. If they remain inadequately watered, they will “drink” from the soil underneath and around your home. This process, called transpiration, causes the soil underneath your foundation to dry out in certain places. Because some areas of your soil are now dehydrated, differential settlement of your foundation occurs. At this point, foundation repair services must be utilized to re-balance your home’s foundation, making it secure again from cracking or splitting from uneven soil and water pressure.

Plumbing Leaks

Plumbing leaks are notorious for eliciting foundation repair services. You most likely think to call a foundation repair company after a large plumbing leak to assess any damage. However, minor leaks left undetected can also contribute to cracks or other types of failure within your foundation. If you notice an increase in your monthly water bill, it is best to have a foundation repair company come out and look for small problems before they become larger and more expensive to fix.


Sometimes it is not what is coming in to your foundation, as much as what is not leaving it. If you fail to properly waterproof the area around your foundation, excess moisture can build up and cause your foundation to swell. In Georgia most homes are built on clay soils which are not good acquifers, meaning clay tends to hold water rather than allow it to soak through into deeper areas. Clay soils expand and contract quite a bit based on water content thus clay soils exert pressure on foundations or pull away thereby allowing foundations to settle or crack.

Poor Building Site

In recent years, building codes have improved to protect against sinking foundations due to poor building site conditions. However, if you own a older home, your sinking foundation might be attributed to unsatisfactory materials, unskilled labor construction mistakes or defective home construction design plans. Your reputable foundation repair company will be able to pinpoint the exact cause of your foundation failure after a thorough inspection of your home’s foundation.

Certainly you can hire a foundation repair company to address foundation cracks, settling or other structural deformities. In some cases you may be able to recognize potential causes of foundation problems and take proactive steps to prevent costly problems. If you believe that your foundation may be subject to any of theses common causes for foundation failure, call a foundation repair expert for a free evaluation.

House Foundation Repair Push Piers

When it comes to house foundation repair the most common solutions form foundation repair companies in Atlanta include steel push piers, helical piers and mudjacking. This article will focus on the use of steel push piers for house foundation repair.

Concentric and Eccentric Resistance Piers

What Are Push Piers?

A push pier provides a mechanical method to adjust the heights of various points of a slab or foundation and thereby “level” the house foundation.

Push piers are able to correct sinking foundations caused by settling problems associated with unstable soil conditions, sinkholes and problems related to organic fill or water. A typical push pier foundation repair can be done in one to three days, and leave the home with no visible signs of ever having had a foundation problem.


Push Pier Construction

Foundation repair push piers are made of high carbon steel, and often are finished with hot dipped galvanizing. The galvanized finish is used instead of primer and paint in order to extend the useful life of the foundation supports. The best push piers are made of at least 3″ round steel pipe with a 1/4″ wall. Any welds on the push piers should be done by certified welders using TIG, MIG or traditional stick welding methods. Unlike visible steel work, welds and plates on push piers do not need to be ground smooth or otherwise worked for cosmetic improvements.

Push Pier Installation

The foundation repair company must first determine the extent of the settling problem and identify areas where the push piers should be installed. The work begins by excavating soil at the foundation perimeter where the piers are to be installed.

The push piers are driven into the ground until the piers hit bedrock, the most solid strata beneath the soft layers of top soil. The upper end of the push piers are fitted with customized shelf-support type brackets. The “arm” of the bracket is positioned underneath the edge of the concrete slab to prepare for the lifting.

Specially designed hydraulic pumps then pump fluid under high pressure inito the sleeved pipe (piers). The sleeved pipes need to expand to relieve the hydraulic pressure. Because the bedrock end cannot move downward the internal pressure is relieved by lifting the concrete foundation.

As each push pier lifts its particular point into position the pier is secured with a pin or weld, and the hydraulic line then removed. When all piers have been secured, the foundation is checked to assure it is level and then the excavated dirt is replaced.

Finding A Push Pier Contractor

Choosing a foundation repair company that offers steel push piers is relatively easy. After doing a simple Google search and making a few phone calls you can find a qualified foundation repair contractor. An extended but important consideration for your contractor is to find a company that can also complete other necessary repairs to brick, stone, mortar or masonry wall cracks. Before you hire a foundation repair company you should make certsain that they can provide a truly complete job.

Chimney Repair Contractors in Atlanta GA

Signs of Chimney Problems

If you’ve noticed marked, degenerative changes in the appearance of your masonry stone or brick chimney, you are probably wondering if the damage calls for immediate repair. Although a leaning chimney is certainly a cause for instantaneous action, you might think you can let other occurrences go for a while. These instances include slight chimney moving, and highly noticeable chimney cracks. While you might immediately realize that chimney moving is a structural issue, you might not know that external blemishes are also telltale signs of chimney foundation problems. Most of these signs mean that your chimney can actual fall like a tree. This would certainly be expensive to repair and may cause damage to surrounding property or injury to people or pets.


Therefore,it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the way in which a chimney is constructed to better help yourself decide if you need to pursue chimney repairs as soon as possible to maintain the structural integrity of your chimney.

About Chimney Construction

Masonry chimneys are constructed using underpinning piers that allow the weight of the chimney to be evenly distributed on them, which allows them to remain erect. However, just like your home’s foundation, your chimney’s foundation can settle over time, and cause an obvious leaning chimney appearance, and slight chimney moving.

Some chimneys are built with wood framing and house siding to enclose a simple metal pipe. Many of these chimneys rest on concrete slab foundations. Signs of chimney problems for this type of chimney construction include siding or trim that is bowing or popped out of place.

Other factors that can upset your chimney’s stability include clay soil footings known to cause foundational problems, water damage to the chimney footing itself, deteriorating chimney mortar, and actual physical damage to the chimney or chimney caps caused by fallen storm debris, such as tree limbs.

Any signs of chimney construction failure should not be ignored. You can call a chimney repair company in Atlanta to request a free inspection. If there is a problem you can usually get a repair quote on the same day as the inpsection. With any quote that you get it is important to confirm what is included and what may be required that is not included.

Hiring Quality Chimney Repair Services

Aside from the obvious leaning chimney that could potentially fall and physically harm anyone or anything near it, chimney cracks look like a masonry, not foundational, problem. However, a very small crack at the base of your chimney footing can be a sign that your chimney is sinking, and will cause a massive shift in the weight of the chimney that could cause it to lean, or immediately fall. Chimney cracks can also be indicative of water leaking through your chimney cap, improper construction, or frost damage.

The only way to be sure if you really need chimney repairs due to cracking is to get a free estimate from a local chimney repair services company. During the inspection, the company representative will analyze the cracks to determine if they are a masonry problem that can be fixed to improve the appearance of the form, or a latent sign of a much larger dangerous situation happening within the structure of your chimney.

Before hiring any chimney repair contractor in Atlanta you should make certain that they carry adequate liability insurance and have specific experience in chimney repair, and (if applicable) brick and masonry repair.

Foundation Repair Companies in Atlanta

Foundation Repair 101

Foundation Problem Signs and Causes

Signs of Foundation Problems

As a homeowner, you might be beginning to notice that something about your house is not quite right. One or more of your home’s external walls might be leaning. Your exposed foundation walls could be buckling under the weight of the house a bit. Or, you could be noting a wide array of other telltale home foundational distress signs, including nails coming out of frames, curling or separating wallpaper, or windows that will not properly bind to their sills when closed. If one or more of these trouble signs are occuring in your home, it is wise to put your home’s foundation repair needs at the top of your list.
WARNING! Do not get sucked in by unscrupulous amateur foundation contractors that will only mask your home’s problems for a short time. Educate yourself now on the causes of foundational distress, and the process in which experts in the field permanently re-stabilize your home’s structure to protect yourself from costly future problems.

Foundation Repair Methods

There are a number of possible causes of the tell tale signs of home foundation problems. Each problem requires a specific solution and there are several methods which can be used. Some of the concrete slab repair or pier and beam foundation repair techniques include mudjacking, slabjacking, helical piers, push piers and sometimes timber repair for damaged floor joists or beams. A professional foundation repair contractor can inspect and evaluate your situation and recommend the best possible solution.

Causes of Home Foundation Problems

Your foundation acts as a rain and humidity barrier against the wet or moist soil under your home. However, when plumbing leaks occur, your foundation structure weakens and can move from the pressure constantly being thrust upon it. Seasonal moisture changes, resulting from extreme dry weather alternating with extreme wet weather, can also initiate foundational movement. Additionally, faulty foundation construction, foundations built on clay soils, and settling of older homes can also cause foundation problems. To assure that your problem, not just the visible damage, has been repaired you need to address the root causes of any shifting, sinking or settling.

The Expert Home Foundation Contractors Repair Process

When you call a home foundation repair contractor, he or she should come out to your home to inspect the foundation and give you a free estimate of the level repair costs. When you commission the contractor to do the work, he or she should also advise you of required city building or repair permits, if necessary by law in your area. Then, he or she should inform you if your landscaping will be moved and returned to its proper place after the repair, and exactly what post-repair services he or she offers.

When you choose highly-skilled home foundation contractors, they will be able to offer you assistance in all of the above facets of home foundation repair. For example, an expert, one-stop foundation contractor will be able to stabilize your stone or concrete foundation. Once your foundation is secure, the same contractor will patch cracks in the slab itself, as well as repair cracks in brick and mortar walls, or fill and patch cracks in basement walls. To properly fix any problems with mortar and brick cracks or separation you will need a masonry contractor. Most foundation repair companies will refer you to a masonry contractor however a limited few offer both foundation and masonry services.

Before hiring any contractor or company you should request a list of prior customers to call for references, and provide before and after pictures of similar foundation problems they have fixed for highly satisfied past customers.