Basement Wall Repair – Bowing & Cracks

Basement Wall Repair, Bowing and Cracked Walls

If you are looking for a team of experts you can trust to provide basement wall repairs including repairing bowing and cracks in your basement walls, you can turn to the experienced professionals from Anglin’s Foundation and Masonry Repairs. We have been providing proven value to homeowners and business owners throughout Atlanta since 1930. With over 80 years of experienced, we are highly qualified to provide foundation repairs to correct common problems with basement walls and sub-grade foundation walls. Whether the damage is due to poor construction, soil problems, weight related pressure or age, we can handle any type of basement foundation repair. We bring a lifetime of structural and masonry experienced to every repair job, and we stand firmly behind our work with a lifetime warranty.

Basement walls may be pre-cast concrete, masonry blocks or even part of a post tension slab system. Common problems with basement walls, especially load bearing walls, include walls that bow inward or outward, and cracks in basement walls. When basement walls show these signs, your home could be very close to having a major structural problem. Problems with basement foundations can cause pressure on your wood framing and cracks in your interior drywall or exterior brick, block or stone walls. Failure to properly fix these problems can threaten the structural integrity of your home and negatively affect the value of your home.

Additional problems that are common with Atlanta basement walls and foundations are drooping and sagging openings for garage doors or basement windows and doors. Our capabilities for problems requiring basement wall repair includes leveling and straightening, patching cracks, repairing structural problems with door or window openings, and patching brick, stone, block and mortar cracks. A specialty service related to this is chimney repair to correct problems where your chimney is leaning or falling away from your house.

If you are looking for a foundation repair company that will fix your foundation right, for life, please contact our Atlanta Basement Wall Repair Contractors or call Anglin’s Foundation and Masonry Repairs today at (770) 422-2924. We offer free inspections and will happy to provide you with a free quote.

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Basement Foundation and Basement Wall Repair Photos

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