Slab Piers and Slabjacking

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Atlanta Slabjacking

Slabjacking, is a method of raising concrete slabs that are sinking due to poor soil
conditions, and doing specific types of pier foundation repair. When it is applicable, slabjacking is a much preferred option to the costly process of replacing a concrete slab foundation. Slabjacking involves cutting holes strategic points in the slab, then installing special slab bracket piers. Not to be confused with mudjacking. This page speaks to our capabilities to stablize sinking concrete building slabs with professional slabjacking.

Pier Foundation Repair

Pier foundation repair requires detailed knowledge of pier and beam construction, soil stabilization and foundation repair techniques. Our company excels at correcting problems with pier foundations because we can pinpoint the causes and then implement the most appropriate method to amend the situation. While there are several methods that could be used, there are always only one or two that provide optimal results for a given situation. Many times the total solution for a pier foundation problem includes two separate steps. One step is to utilize mechanical means of leveling floors, support beams and structural members. The other step is to address the root cause of the problem which may include improving drainage, working to stabilize soil or addressing sinkholes. Our company has been in business since 1930 and has worked on almost every type of residential foundation design. Our experience in working with pier foundations in Atlanta is unmatched by any local competitor.

Slabjacking and Pier Foundation Repair Photos

The photos below demonstrate a case where pressure grouting (mud jacking) had catastrophically failed. The plumbing was breached and all the pipes on the first two stories filled with grout. The problem was so severe that the residents had to move out. Anglin’s was hired to come correct the failed attempt. After the owner had jackhammered rough openings in the slab to remove and replace plumbing. Anglin’s cut away additional slab and installed our custom patent pending slab brackets.

Concrete Raising and Leveling
Slab Jacking Done the Right Way


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