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A lifetime of structural & masonry experience

Anglin’s Foundation and Masonry Repairs installs steel push-resistance piers and helical pier/anchors that are individually tested to proper PSI (or torque pressure) gauge ratings to stabilize or lift a structure. Our method is to hydraulically press steel piers to bedrock or equal load bearing strata with our resistance piers, or torque helical pier/anchors to the proper depth to reinforce foundations. Piers and Masonry Repair is a plus for us. We truly are a one time stop shop. We repair sinking foundations, steps, porches, leaning chimneys, basement walls, etc. These repairs often have to be vertically and horizontally placed back simultaneously. Simply stabilizing these problems will not correct the visual ending result. Having the experience as being a masonry contractor, we have learned that plumb, straight, and level are the essential necessities for all walls. Once installed properly, the foundation is now stabilized permanently.

With over 82 years of experience we have become the most experienced and reliable foundation repair company in Atlanta. Our biggest asset is we are essentially two companies in one– A foundation repair company and a masonry repair company. Unlike many of our competitors, we will repair any masonry structure on hand. We locate matching brick, mortar and texture,tuck point and repair mortar joints, patch conventional and synthetic stucco, repair concrete and stone work. Once we complete the job, your repairs are finished. The hassle of finding a qualified contractor to do these types of repairs (we are told by our customers) is very exhausting. Let us remove that frustration with a company that can do it all for you. Foundation repair reinstates value to your home, we save you money by being two companies in one,and that will greatly reduce the repair price. Your home may be your most important investment, protect it before foundation problems become too costly to be repaired. Our expertise and financial stability are proof that we are the most stable foundation repair company in Atlanta. Unlike our competitors, we have trained experts who have been with us for over 20 years, and have had the same phone number for over 40 years! We’re the oldest complete company of our kind in Georgia and we’re ready to help you now and in the future. We have the staff, equipment, systems, and manpower to accomplish any job. Our promises have kept us in business since 1930. We promise what we do and do what we promise.

We offer custom fabricated materials in grade A heavy-duty coated US-ASTM high carbon steel in our foundation support/weldment or bracket. Our piers confirm to schedule 40 ASTM-A53 hot dipped galvanized steel. Our most common diameter steel pipe of 2 7/8” diameter with a wall thickness of .250” exceeding most of our competitors. Our 7100 square foot shops feature the latest in American technology in processing materials needed to complete a job. We fabricate our materials using the very best technology in iron working machines, mig welders, plasma cutters, band saws, etc., and a crew of certified welders A company with integrity and a name you can trust. Does it really matter who is the largest and strongest manufacturing of piering products on the planet? At Anglin’s, we can design, manufacture, fabricate as big, as strong as needed to fit the proper repair needed.

We buy our own products, American made from local distributors such as Georgia Steel/Industrial Metal Suppliers. It does not get any better or stronger. When it gets down to the process of installing piers which is the most paramount importance of all, our products have served us well. Due to the misinformation highway do not be fooled by actors or slick marketing cartoons, graphics, etc. We have never intended on being the biggest company, but simply the best! Big enough to serve yet small enough to care. With Anglin’s long years of experience and customers’ to prove it, we have the permanent solution to your settlement problems. With Anglin’s we take before and after pictures that shows for itself. Our piering products have yet to fail us.

To make the correct decision to hire a professional company for costly foundation repairs, don’t not be fooled. Call references and don’t simply take a company’s word for it. Our employees don’t work on commission therefore can be honest. In a nut shell, Anglin’s designs, manufactures and installs either push-resistance piers and helical pier/anchors to bedrock or proper load bearing strata followed up with professional masonry repairs. That’s our only job! NO SURPRISES or HIDDEN costs…just Bedrock or equal load bearing strata.

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