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Chimney Repair in Atlanta GALeaning chimneys are a very common problem in residential areas. Many people do not want to take the time or spend the money to have the issue of a leaning chimney corrected, but not doing so can cause extreme damage to the home and can also cause death of loved ones and pets. At Anglin’s Foundation & Masonry Repairs, we offer expert restoration in order to properly align chimneys to the house and eliminate threats of the chimney falling.

Chimneys typically lean one of two ways: Away from the house or Over/On Top of the house or roof. Both of these issues need immediate repair as they can cause serious trouble for the homeowner and residents inside. A chimney that is leaning away from the house will eventually lose its support and crash down into the yard or neighbor’s yard. It can crash at any time without warning, and anything that is below or within close proximity will be injured or killed. For parents, this can be a huge eye-opener and let them understand the extreme importance of having this issue corrected as soon as possible.

A chimney that is leaning over or on top of a roof indicates that there is a serious structural problem. This issue should also be addressed as soon as possible because a chimney that falls into a house can cause serious injury or death. A falling chimney can kill people or pets and destroy a home permanently.

Anglin’s Foundation & Masonry Repairs employs expert brick and stone masons who are very skilled in all types of masonry chimney repairs. We our experienced in all aspects of chimney foundation repair, straightening leaning chimneys, and restoration services for brick chimney repair and stone chimney repair. With our free quotes and chimney inspections, you can trust the quality of service that you will receive.

Posted on behalf of John Anglin, Anglin’s Foundation & Masonry Repairs

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