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Been there seen that done that

I vividly remember the gamut of emotions I felt when my mother passed – the sadness, the confusion and the anxiety. One Sunday after church services had ended, I approached the pastor and shook his hand. I spoke to him briefly about my mother’s passing, and explained how much her death had affected me. He listened intently for a few minutes, nodding as I formed words from, what was at the time, a jumbled ball of mixed thoughts and emotions. He politely let me finish, then replied with a single, cold sentence. The Pastor told me “Been there, seen that, done that.”

Looking back I realize that he was simply trying to make me feel better, trying to convey that he too had been in the same situation and could relate. He was telling me, in his own way, that he made it through his mother’s passing, and I would too. At the time, his words seemed callous. For quite a while, I quietly reflected on his words. They really didn’t make me feel better. In fact, they made me feel a little worse. I was confused by his statement. As I grew older, saw others pass and gained other experiences in life, I have gotten his message.

I’ve now been in the foundation, chimney and masonry repair business for nearly 50 years. People all over metro Atlanta that are in need of our services tell me how bad they feel. They tell me how confused they are over their settling foundation, or how their chimney is either leaning away from or over the house. They tell me about their sinking steps, stoop, porch, walls and how the concrete block foundation is collapsing. They passionately express their frustration at how shoddy the workmanship must be in their home!

I feel like telling them that I’ve “been there, seen that, done that” but I stop and explain that there is an answer. My method is to find a permanent, engineered solution to their structural defects. I offer them proven value, quality and workmanship – all at the very best price. While I’ve truly been there, seen that done that, I can confidently add that I’ve fixed that!

After 84 combined years of service in local metro Atlanta and the surrounding area, our commitment is to provide:

  1. A permanent solution to structural and masonry problems
  2. Provide the best in customer service and satisfaction
  3. A proven value. Quality at the very best price!

We’re not trying to be the biggest, but we can’t help it if it happens. Our goal is to be the best by exceeding your expectations.