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Anglin’s Chimney Reviews

It is very rarely I take the time to write a review, however, when you spend a lot of money on something serious like foundation repair and you deal with a professional company that went above and beyond, I feel it is strongly warranted, in summary, don’t worry about going anywhere else if you jive in the Atlanta area for foundation/masonry work or concerns I am telling you, Anglin’s is the best; I can’t speak highly enough about them. From start, to months beyond the job, these guys redefine customer satisfaction, I give them my highest marks “Good people,” Everything from the estimators working with you(Gus you are the best), to the hardworking and very experienced workers who took care of us (lggy et al), to Bill and Jill in the office who handled transferring the warranty for the work when we sold our home and all the stress that can go with that Anglin’s has it right. Other companies didn’t even come close. Some would not even show up for an inspection, Other (big names I wont mention) companies wouldn’t send their estimates like they said they would, These guys came out, on time every time. They charged rates that beat most of the competition, but they did so with great work; I know, I watched them the entire time. They fixed little things that weren’t even included in the price, just because they had the free time on the job and the extra materials were already there, You just don’t find people like that anymore, I wanted to write this review because good people deserve good things, I hope Anglin’s gets more business, that is how much they impressed me, Thanks Mr. Anglin et al for the hard work and for a great company, To people who may stumble on this review, I hope it helps, rest easy Anglin’s is where you want to end up. Christian Tougas

The contract on my house fell through because my chimney was off plum about 2 to 3 inches from the roofline up. Since my house was going back on the market, I needed my chimney fixed correctly and fixed as soon as possible. I called one company and they tried to upsell me. They wanted to either repair with no warranty or tear it down to the roofline and completely rebuild it. This would require new brick which would leave me with a two toned chimney. A structural engineer who lived in the neighborhood recommended John Anglin to me. When I told John that I didn’t want an estimate, I wanted it fixed, he came out the next day, He said he could fix it with a transferable lifetime warranty and the cost was $2,000 less than the company who wanted to tear it down and rebuild it, John’s crew came out and fixed my chimney in one day and when they left, the chimney was perfectly straight and you could not even tell that they had been in the yard. Today, the house is sold, the new owner has a lifetime warranty on the chimney repair and everyone (the new owner, John and me) are all happy. I could never have sold my house without John and his crew’s good work. Buddy Reneau

I’ve run corporate purchasing departments, so when I buy any product or service over $1k, I get at least 3 bids. I actually met with 4 foundation contractors to bid on stabilizing three spots on my home foundation that were causing cracks in the brick, Here’s what I discovered , . Although every one of them quotes differently in how they break down the quote the bottom line was almost identical – within a few dollars, This is a highly competitive industry and the cost of this work has become a commodity, So why out of 4 bids did I chose Anglins, Simple – they were the ONLY really full service firm out there. Three of the others said they couldn’t fix the brickwork after they stabilized the foundation – I would have to find another contractor for that. Two of the others wouldn’t put my landscaping and hardscaping back – I would have to have my landscape company come back and do that. John Anglin said “Here’s my price, we’ll fix the brick, and when were done you won’t know we were here and you won’t be able to tell your foundation ever had a problem. And he was right. Anglin’s also didn’t use any FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) in their sales technique. They didn’t badmouth the competition, they didn’t try to oversell me or scare me into buying more than I needed. They just gave me a fair quote and great job. The crew was amazingly efficient – these guys have worked together for so long they move like a well oiled machine. They put 6 push piers under the foundation in less than a day, fixed the brick, put everything back and cleaned up. Excellent work – I highly recommend them. Buddy Ray

Dear Mr. Anglin:
You recently completed a major “leaning chimney” repair contract for our home. 1 am pleased to provide the following comments:
Upon noticing our large (both in terms of breadth and height) brick chimney leaning inwards against our roof I started searching for a repair company. After calling several local masonry repair companies and explaining our chimney situation there was a single company to which 3 recommendations were made. Anglin’s Foundation and Masonry Repairs.
After calling Anglin’s a representative arrived at my home the same day, assessed the situation, described the approach they would use, and gave me a cost estimate. Because of the height of our chimney I asked for and promptly received a copy of Anglin’s workman liability insurance- Because of the unique complexity of our large leaning chimney situation (it was leaning both inwards toward the roof as well as parallel to the roof line) Mr. John Anglin and his senior foreman personally came to assess how they would design the engineering approach for this repair. Once their plan was developed his crew went to work.
The process took 1 1/2 days. Throughout the repair process Anglin’s work crew demonstrated skill, explained what was going on at every step of the complex operation, took precautions to protect our property, and paid close attention to personal safety. Upon conclusion of the repair project Mr. John Anglin explained the warranty of their work and made sure we were 100% satisfied with the project. I am most satisfied that I used Anglin’s Foundation and Masonry Repairs and am pleased to provide my personal recommendation.
Sincerely, David L. Benton

Dear Mr. Anglin,
Recently I called upon your company to stabilize and straighten a masonry chimney that had pulled away some six inches from the side of my house at a dangerous angle due to the settling of my concrete patio upon which it was sitting. Your crew arrived at my residence as scheduled and completed the work the same day. The result was excellent. The chimney was raised and stabilized to its original position without any damage to the chimney itself or the interior fireplace. Quite frankly, I was amazed at the results and very satisfied with the job.
During the repair process you and your foreman were very thorough in your presentation and explanation of the engineering process involved in this job and were courteous and helpful with any questions that I had.
Accordingly, I would highly recommend you to others with structural problems.
Sincerely, Jerome C. Ware

Mr. Anglin, I am very impressed with this foundation support system. I would never have imagined that such a large rock chimney could be lifted back into place so easily and with so little collateral damage. I can tell by looking at it that this chimney isn’t going anyplace.
I will never build another chimney without using this system.
Your crew, Iggy and Chris, was extremely professional. They were on time and they worked right through to completion. They also took all the time I wanted to explain how the system was working and what they were doing. Ibey made sure I understood exactly how this system was working, epen beyond all the questions I was asking.
It’s always such n pleasure working with such a professional organization. From Nathan’s initial visit to n complete clean-up of the job site was done in an outstanding manner.
Than you. Gus Wolke