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This Is The Perfect Time Of Year For Chimney Repair

Marietta GA Repair Contractors for Failing or Leaning ChimneysAnglin’s has been repairing hundreds, if not thousands of tilting, failing or leaning chimneys throughout the Atlanta area. We have over 80 years experience and we have the expert knowledge of various construction methods and masonry skills to properly complete your structural chimney repair projects.

This time of year is the perfect time to seize the pleasant temperatures to repair your chimney. You no longer need to use your fireplace due to the winter’s cold temperatures, so it’s sitting just waiting to be repaired while it’s not being utilized.

Warmer temperatures are also ideal for chimney repair because the warmer weather permits the materials used to cure properly. If your chimney is porous it may have absorbed moisture and gone through a freeze and thaw cycle during the winter that created a crack or some other sort of damage.

If you discover that your chimney needs repaired, don’t wait until you need to use it in the fall or winter before you schedule to get it repaired. This delay can be terrible for your chimney because wet spring weather, and the humid summer can make your damage worse. Using a damaged chimney can cause a fire, carbon monoxide poisoning and create less efficient usage of your fireplace.

Call Anglin’s today to schedule your chimney repair. We also offer chimney inspection services. By spending the money today to repair your chimney, you can save yourself catastrophic costs later. We are Atlanta’s foundation repair experts. We repair settling or sinking foundations, leaning chimneys and cracks in masonry.

Posted on behalf of John Anglin, Anglin’s Foundation & Masonry Repairs
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