Bay Window Repair

Window Repair

Anglin’s Foundation and Masonry Repairs has been helping homeowners in Atlanta since 1930 by repairing bay window structures, sagging window frames and jammed windows due to structural problems or settling. We are the window repair contractor that you can count on to get your repair done correctly the first time.

Windows often become stuck, jammed and difficult to open or close due to structural problems. These structural problems are often caused by sagging walls and settling foundations. Over time, home foundations can shift due to erosion or structural problems within the home. Homeowners can also put in heavy bay windows or other types of windows without installing the necessary support to hold the additional weight of a much heavier window.

Anglin’s has helped hundreds of Atlanta residents resolve window problems by correcting foundation settling problems. Many times our customers were focusing on window repair, which was only a symptom of the underlying problem. When a foundation settles the structural framing begins to collapse thereby causing windows and doors to bind.

If your windows or doors are jammed due to home settling problems, we can help.  Our experienced contractors will take care of the foundation settling problems or take care of installing the necessary framing support for a heavy window. Work with a contractor that has been serving Atlanta since 1930.  Choose Anglin’s to solve your window repair problem and you will have the peace-of-mind that comes with knowing your job was done right!

The photos below are representative of the work that we have done to correct foundation problems, and effectively deliver window repair services.

A lifetime of structural & masonry experience

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