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Inspect Your Chimney Before You Use It! Southwest Marietta, GA
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While temperatures in Georgia have certainly cooled off with the onset of fall, they aren’t quite cold. In fact, most of us are still having to change clothes two or three times a day to keep up with the changing temps throughout the day. However, cold temperatures will come, and at Anglin’s Foundation & Masonry Repairs, we want you to be ready.

The best way that you can be prepared for cold temperatures is by having your chimney inspected before you use it. Countless house fires have been started by a chimney that was not ready for fires in the fireplace. A build-up of soot or flames in the lower chimney migrating upward to crack, melt, warp, or otherwise negatively affect the masonry or metal chimney walls. Soot is a powdery residue of unburned carbon particles. If soot is not brushed or wiped off, it will accumulate in layers in chimneys and fireplaces. Soot deposits can accumulate over time and reduce airflow up to 30% so that the flue does not vent properly. This can cause smoke to back up inside the home and lead to house fires.

Atlanta Foundation RepairAnother residue that is left behind from fires is a tarry substance called creosote. Creosote forms as gases cool, and deposits occur when chimney temperatures are cool and when air is not hot enough to carry the particles out of the chimney. As the tarry residue builds up, it causes the flammable substance to become increasingly dangerous.

The best way to prevent a chimney fire is to have a thorough inspection done once a year. A professional can inform you of any damage that is posing a threat to your chimney. At Anglin’s Foundation & Masonry Repairs, we have been the expert in Georgia for chimney inspections, repairs, and restorations for over 90 years. We provide free chimney inspections and free quotes on the cost to repair chimney problems. Our honesty has served us well, and we are not looking to take your money!

With over 90 years of experience, Anglin’s knows what a thorough inspection involves, and we are here to help you. Call today for a full-service chimney inspection.

Posted on behalf of John Anglin, Anglin’s Foundation & Masonry Repairs

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Our Client Reviews

Anglin's Foundation & Masonry Repairs

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Based on 55 reviews

Tammy S.

From start to finish, everyone at Anglin's was amazing! Gus was responsive, always answered his phone, knowledgeable, professional, honest and fair. He went above and beyond to make a stressful situation less stressful. Scheduling was a breeze and the crew that arrived on the job (on time, I might add) were courteous, respectful and efficient. They allowed me to watch and take pictures, and explained the process step-by-step, as well as what results were to be expected. Iggy was so knowledgeable, professional and amazing. He was able to pin point a problem that 2 other competing companies couldn't explain or relay in layman's terms what needed to be done and why. He was an absolute superstar in easing the mind of the buyers purchasing the house. His 27 years experience was so valuable. Shelly was quick to send paid invoices and warranty information. Everyone did an amazing job and I would recommend them highly.

Penelope Greensmith

I cannot say enough good things about GUS at Anglin’s Foundation and Masonry! GUS, was fast and gave a free estimate on raising, reattaching and fixing my brick stairs. I will be sure to post before and after photos! Thank you GUS for your no nonsense, straight forward approach! Thank you for listening to me! The Greensmith’s

Regina Renee Kalasz

Today was a install of a 2nd beam for our house... first one was easy, 2nd one gave them a run for their money. But they stuck it out and got it done! Awesome work! I'd throw a + behind my 5 stars if I could. Sorry I held your crew up, but they were determined to get it done with no issues. So shout out to your team Chris, Leo and Dan!

Scott Lapin

The team that lifted our chimney was prompt, courteous and efficient. Other then the repair, you simply could not tell they were even there despite the fact they had to remove part of our deck to do the work. I would HIGHLY recommend them.

Melissa Reed

Diagnosis and estimate from a picture, arrived as scheduled, done in just a couple hours and results were absolutely amazing. Price, workmanship, clean up - everything was absolutely 5 star!! Highly recommend these folks!!! I must add, 2 other well known and much advertised companies came out and estimated 6x the work and price, claiming we had more issues than what was actually going on. These guys call it like it is - honesty and integrity are hard to find in construction.

Dana Brennan

This crew is top notch. Worked with the office and mainly with Gus on site who was great. Showed up early, super knowledgeable, tons of experience. We really felt served in the way he recommended only what needed to be done and at a great price. Had another company wanting to add in other extras and unnecessary work. HIGHLY recommend Anglin!!

Aaron Gray

Quick to call back and totally honest. I wasn't sure if I had a foundation issue or a flooring issue but after a few questions, Nathan helped to figure out that it thankfully wasn't a foundation issue. Insteand of trying to sell me a job, Nathan helped me to make a good decision. I hope I never have foundation issues but if I do, this is the company I'm hiring.

Jake Herman

Another masonry contractor referred us to Anglin because we had a concern about the structural integrity of our chimneys. We were told that they were the best people to talk to. I called them and they actually came by to assess my house within two hours. Although I was fully prepared to spend a lot of money to stabilize my chimneys, he did a full assessment and very honestly told me that my chimneys were fine and just needed some caulking where the mortar met the brick. I greatly respect his expertise and honesty and would recommend him without reservation.

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